What Happens If I don’t List a Creditor?

In an ideal bankruptcy case, all the creditors are listed thereby maximizing the debts that are discharged. But, oftentimes the debtor hasn’t received a bill from a hospital or other creditor and the debt is not being reported to a credit bureau, so the debtor is unaware. Will the debt be discharged or will the […]

Weekes Law’s Affordable Bankruptcy Program upheld By Utah Bankruptcy Court

Weekes Law’s Affordable Bankruptcy Program was attacked by the United States Trustee for Region 19, in the District of Utah and by a competing law firm. The opposing parties argued that Capstone’s Affordable Bankruptcy Program violated various bankruptcy rules arising from, inter alia, “(1) the marketing of Zero-Down Chapter 7 bankruptcy services; (2) the bifurcation of bankruptcy […]

Utah Bankruptcy Terms

Learn Important Utah Personal Bankruptcy Information (Definitions) The following are common Utah bankruptcy terms used on this site regarding personal bankruptcy: Creditor The business or individual that is owed money by a debtor. Debtor Or Debtors The business or individual that owes money to the creditor. Automatic Stay This injunction stops the creditor from attempting […]

Process To File Bankruptcy In Utah: Chapter 7

  Process To File Bankruptcy In Utah Step 1 – Making the Decision to File for Chapter 7 The first step in the process to file bankruptcy in Utah is to consult with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer to increase the advantages of filing for bankruptcy. While bankruptcy isn’t the best solution in every situation, when […]

File Bankruptcy Online in Utah

File Bankruptcy Online in Utah Simply and Conveniently We know that the issues causing you to consider bankruptcy are very difficult and stressful. That’s why we’ve developed a system that makes the process as simple and convenient as possible. You’ll notice the difference with our convenient fully complete online process, you can receive the help […]

Utah Bankruptcy Myths

Get Accurate Utah Bankruptcy Information Utah Debunking Bankruptcy Myths There are many misconceptions circulating about bankruptcy information that affect a person’s decision on whether they should declare bankruptcy. When considering bankruptcy, it is best to get accurate information on bankruptcy from a professional who has the legal expertise to answer all of your questions. We […]

Personal Bankruptcy Information in Utah

Utah Personal Bankruptcy Information (Definitions) Learn about Important… The following are common terms used on this site regarding personal bankruptcy information in Utah: Assets Any property that a business or individual owns. Automatic Stay This injunction stops the creditor from attempting to collect from the debtor. An automatic stay takes effect immediately after the debtor […]

Utah Bankruptcy Means Test

What Is the Bankruptcy Means Test? Utah Means test for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy The Utah Bankruptcy Means Test is an income test to determine if the debtor or debtors qualify to file chapter 7 bankruptcy.To determine whether a debtor is not abusing the bankruptcy system, the debtor must meet the Utah chapter 7 bankruptcy means […]

Utah Bankruptcy Exemptions

Importance of Utah Bankruptcy Exemptions When you file bankruptcy under Utah bankruptcy laws, you want to ensure that you keep all or as many of your assets as possible. Utah bankruptcy exemptions protect certain property that cannot be taken in bankruptcy. The assets that you get to keep under are called exempt property. Non-exempt assets are […]

Bankruptcy FAQs

Bankruptcy Frequently Asked Questions A decision to file for bankruptcy should only be made after determining that bankruptcy is the best way to deal with your financial problems. This article provides an overview of commonly asked questions, but it simply can not explain every aspect of the bankruptcy process. If you still have questions after reading it, […]

Life After Bankruptcy in Utah

Life After Bankruptcy In Utah Will I Be Able To Get A Loan After Bankruptcy In Utah? What is Life after bankruptcy in Utah like? One of the most common questions when contemplating whether to file bankruptcy is: will I be successful in getting a loan after bankruptcy? This is particularly true if you desire […]

Use Tax Refund to pay for Bankruptcy

Every year around tax season our clients ask us how bankruptcy will impact the tax refund they are expecting. Some of the questions posed include: Can I spend my tax refund before filing? Can I use my tax refund to pay for the costs of bankruptcy? Should I file bankruptcy before receiving my tax refund? […]

What To Expect At Your 341 Meeting

341 Meeting Instructions Your section 341 meeting of creditors is approaching, so to help ensure a smooth meeting this video will provide you with instructions relating to that meeting. We’ll cover several things: first, who’s involved; second, what to wear; third, what to bring with you; fourth, how the meeting is conducted; and fifth, what […]

Rental Property in Bankruptcy

What Happens to Rental Property in Bankruptcy One of the most important concerns many of our clients have is how bankruptcy will impact their lease on an apartment of home.  This concern arises in one of two scenarios: (1) the client-debtor has arrearages and is filing bankruptcy, at least in part, to avoid paying the […]

Buy A Home After Bankruptcy

When Can I Buy A Home After Bankruptcy and Foreclosure? I was speaking with a friend the other day who about a year ago short sold a home following a job loss and related struggles. She had a short-sale and wanted to know when she could buy a home after bankruptcy and foreclosure or a […]

My Property in Bankruptcy

One of most frequently asked questions I get asked is whether the debtor will lose all their property if they file for bankruptcy.  It makes sense that so many people are confused as to how bankruptcy affects their property.  After all, there are numerous sites on the internet that are written by the ill-informed or […]

Filing Bankruptcy In Utah – Do I qualify for Bankruptcy?

Filing Bankruptcy in Utah Do I qualify for Bankruptcy? The question is not whether you “qualify” for filing bankruptcy in Utah. Instead, the question is “Do I need to file for bankruptcy” or “Should I file for Bankruptcy”? Everyone qualifies for bankruptcy (Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 13, etc.), but not everyone needs to file. […]

Why Is Bankruptcy A Constitutional Principle?

Ever wondered why is bankruptcy a Constitutional Principle? The United States constitution has only 4,400 words. It is the oldest and shortest written Constitution of any major government in the world. Article 1, Section 8 of the constitution grants Congress the power “To establish…uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States.” The […]

What Happens After You File Chapter 13?

Once a chapter 13 bankruptcy case is filed, the automatic stay prevents creditors from legally foreclosing, garnishing, repossessing or collecting against the debtor or any individual joint debtors. As part of the chapter 13 filing, the debtor proposes a chapter 13 plan (“Plan”) to reorganize their finances.  The Plan will contain provisions to deal with […]

What Is a Section 341 Meeting of Creditors?

Many of our clients are initially somewhat concerned about the meeting of creditors.  The meeting of creditors need not cause substantial concern. Frequently after the meeting our clients will comment that “it wasn’t as bad as I thought”.