Filing Bankruptcy In Utah – Do I qualify for Bankruptcy?

Filing Bankruptcy In Utah – Do I qualify for Bankruptcy?

Filing Bankruptcy in Utah

Do I qualify for Bankruptcy?

The question is not whether you “qualify” for filing bankruptcy in Utah. Instead, the question is “Do I need to file for bankruptcy” or “Should I file for Bankruptcy”? Everyone qualifies for bankruptcy (Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 13, etc.), but not everyone needs to file. We do not recommend bankruptcy for a significant portion of the people with whom we meet. We regularly recommend other debt relief alternatives.

The bankruptcy changes passed in 2005 were intended to make it more difficult for individuals to file bankruptcy. Most people, however, who were qualified prior to the 2005 amendments, will still qualify to file under the Utah Chapter 7 Bankruptcy requirements.

Utah Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Requirements

Generally, the only Utah Chapter 7 bankruptcy requirement is qualify under the means test. If your gross annual household income is at or below the Utah median family income level, it is presumed that you qualify to file bankruptcy Utah.

Steps to file Bankruptcy Utah

Anyone considering filing bankruptcy in Utah will have a number of questions, including how bankruptcy will affect them and their assets, what chapter is right for me, what documentation is needed, and how to stop creditors from calling. Answers to all these questions can be answered by taking your first step and talking with a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney with Weekes Law during your Free Bankruptcy Consultation. We’ll answer any other questions you may have, and explain the entire process in easy to understand terms. We make filing bankruptcy in Utah easy and stress free by keeping you completely up to date on the process and prepare you for the next step along the way.

Convenient and Easy Online Bankruptcy Process

We have developed a simple and convenient process to help you recover from financial stress. With the exception of the attendance of the meeting of creditors, you can complete the entire Utah bankruptcy process from the convenience of your own home. When you request a Free Bankruptcy Evaluation or call us, we immediately schedule a free bankruptcy consultation with a knowledgeable Utah bankruptcy attorney who will assess your situation and guide you through the entire process and keep you informed and fully prepared at every step.

To see what chapter you qualify for, call or complete our Free Bankruptcy Evaluation today!


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