Protect Your Hard-Earned Assets

There are legal and ethical ways to protect and preserve your assets from creditors and predators.

Utah Asset Protection Attorney

You may be surprised to find that you can legally, ethically and effectively protect and preserve the assets that are most important to the security of your family or your business—even if you are in a high-risk profession in our litigious society. Asset protection can vary widely from using common business entities—such as corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships and domestic trusts, as well as more extensive foreign entities and trusts.

Our Utah asset protection attorneys focus on structuring your assets—business or personal—to help you legally, ethically, and effectively protect and preserve your valuable assets. The keys to an effective asset protection structure are:

  1. Plan in advance;
  2. Utilize a solid structure that is specifically designed to meet your goals and circumstances, and
  3. Ensure that the structure is correctly established and maintained.

Full-Spectrum of Solutions

To achieve effective asset protection requires that you work with an experienced, competent planner who is familiar with the full array of asset protection laws, forums (foreign and domestic), and vehicles including business entities and trusts. Some professionals focus primarily on foreign vehicles while others focus exclusively on domestic vehicles. We believe that the right solution for you is a balance between effectiveness, control, and expense, which will entirely depend upon your unique goals and circumstances.

Our Solutions Include:
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