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Has DCFS (Child Family Services) Removed Children?

Has DCFS removed one or more of your children from your home or accused you of child abuse, child neglect or dependency (when a child runs away from home)? If so, we can help you through this difficult time for you and your family. We are experienced in fighting for your rights against DCFS.

Your parental rights are one of your most cherished constitutional rights. The right to raise your family free of government influence and control is essential to your right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. When the state challenges your parental rights, you have a right to an attorney, if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you. All too often the appointed counsel are overworked and run each case through the system as quickly as possible. Our office will take the time to give your case the attention that it needs and ensure that your parental rights are not trampled on.

We realize that, as a parent, you would do anything to preserve your family and your right to parent your child. We will take whatever time is needed to navigate you through the system and ensure that your rights are protected, and ensure you receive the services necessary for the return of your children (and only those services that are necessary). It is a careful balance between the rights of the parents and state’s interest in the rights of the children. You need an experienced attorney outside of the state system to give defend your rights and keep the competing interest in balance.

Too often in the midst of a divorce one parent will attempt to use the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) against the other parent to gain an advantage in a custody battle. Our experienced attorneys can help you know if and when you should involve DCFS in your custody case and defend against any false allegations made by your ex-partner.

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You've Agreed To All the Terms of Divorce?
$1500 Uncontested Divorce

If you and your ex have agreed to all the terms of property division, custody, child support & maintenance and only need an attorney to draft the paperwork to make the agree legal, our flat-fee uncontested divorce can help. 

We understand that attorneys sometimes complicate your agreement to increase their fees. Not us! Our flat-fee uncontested divorce will affordably draft and file all the necessary paperwork to quickly finalize your divorce–if you have already agreed to the terms.

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Utah Divorce FAQs

Child support in Utah is based on a formula that can easily be calculated if the income of both spouses is known. You can use the calculator at Office of Recovery Services locate at Office of Recovery Services  – (

Your property will be categorized as either a non-maritital asset or a marital asset. If the property was acquired during the marriage it will generally be a martial asset.

Each party will receive their separate property. Marital property will generally be divided equitably. 

Alimony is a remedy awarded to help a financially weaker spouse become self-sufficient. In Utah alimony is discretionary and is not awarded in every case. Factors that a court will consider in determining if alimony should be awarded and if so how much includes: 

  • Income and financial resources of both parties
  • Age
  • Emotional & physical condition of each party
  • Standard of living during the marriage
  • Length of the marriage
Other factors can impact alimony such as “cause” such as an affair during marriage, cohabitation after divorce and employment.

Each party typically is responsible for his or her own legal expenses and costs associated with divorce. In some case, the court may award attorney’s fees.

In Utah if the divorce is contested (an answer is filed), then mediation is required. In some cases more than one mediation will be necessary to resolve all the issues.

For more information on Utah Divorce, a free initial consultation is your best next step. 

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