Couple Will Plan

Couple Will Plan


Robust Last Will & Testament Form for Married Couples

The Couple Will Form is ideal for married couples who want robust estate planning templates conveniently online at a fraction of the cost. These documents are ideal for couple who have a basic estate, don’t have any special needs or unique planning needs.

Save hundreds or thousands, without sacrificing quality


Create and customize your Last Will & Testament online with our will form. This will template includes more than just a simple will template. This comprehensive estate planning package for married couples and includes:

  1. Last Will & Testament
  2. Durable Power of Attorney
  3. Living Will, and
  4. HIPPA Release
  1. Last Will & Testaments
  2. Durable Powers of Attorney
  3. Living Wills, and
  4. HIPPA Release

This package is ideal for couples who have a simple estate and know what they want. These documents are not “bare-bone” will templates like you will see on other online will forms. These documents are robust estate planning documents drafted by an experienced estate planning attorney. They are legally binding upon execution. With this package you will:

  • Choose Who Receives Your Assets – designate in your Last Will & Testament who gets your assets when you pass
  • Choose Who Handles Your Affairs – designate in your Last Will & Testament who is authorized to handle your affairs
  • Choose A Guardian for Your Minor Children – designate in your Last Will & Testament who the guardian of our minor children will be at your demise.
  • Specify Your Wishes Regarding Life Support – a living will is a legally binding document that specifies your legally binding wishes regarding life support and medical care.
  • Specify Your Desires Regarding Medical Care – a living will is a legally binding document that specifies the medical care you wish (or do not wish) to receive if you are unconscious.
  • Specify Who Has Legal Authority to handle your finances – this includes a power of attorney which grants that legal authority to another person to handle your finances if you can’t.

After purchase you will have access to our online form that walks you through all the necessary questions to design the Last Will & Testament, Power of Attorney, and Living Will. After submission, you will receive an email with the robust legally binding estate planning documents that are ready to print and sign for each spouse. You can either schedule an appointment to sign these documents in our offices or you can print them and sign them at a bank or credit union or other location in front of a notary public and two witnesses.

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