Utah Estate Planning FAQs

Estate Planning Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are a few of the questions asked most by our clients. Contact us for help on these and other legal matters.

What is proper estate planning?

There are many ways to define estate planning. We believe that estate planning is much more than the documents that facilitate your plan or determining who gets your assets when you are gone. We believe it includes the following concepts:
  • Controlling my property while I am alive and well
  • Planning for me and my loved ones if I become disabled
  • Give what I have to whom I chose, when I chose, and in the manner I chose
  • Assuring that my wisdom is transferred along with my wealth
  • Controlling costs
Your family, goals and circumstances will help determine the best method of planning your estate. No two situations are alike. As a result, a proper estate plan must be tailored to your particular circumstances. For a free initial consultation to help you develop your estate plan, contact us today.

Do I Need a Will or Estate Plan?

Many people incorrectly assume that their property will somehow be distributed according to their wishes. Others assume that their possessions are not valuable or complex enough to require solid planning. However, every person needs and deserves an estate plan that captures their goals and specific ideas for the distribution of their assets at their death. Remember, if you do no have a Utah Will, Utah law will dictate how your assets will be distributed. Only through careful preparation and the help of a skilled estate planning attorney can you truly ensure that the plans you have for your own property and heirs will actually be carried out if you are disabled or pass away.

What is a Will?

A will is a fairly simple legal document that only becomes effective when you die. It designates a person, called a Personal Representative or Executor, to carry out your instructions in the Will at your death. It names the relatives, friends, or charities who you want to receive your assets and any rules for distribution of those assets to children or others. A will can also name a guardian to take care of your minor children. It also can give directions regarding the burial or cremation of your remains and detail instructions about a memorial service. A will requires formalities in its creation and modification to be valid. Mistakes in the fromalities are easy to make and can invalidate it, so it is recommended that you consult a competent estate planning attorney. All Wills must be probated. Probate is the legal process (litigation) to validate the Will and transfer the estate’s assets. Probate in Utah can be formal (requires court oversight) or informal. If the Will requires formal probate or if disgrunteled relatives contest the Will or the appointment of the personal representative, formal Probate will be required. Formal probate involves going to court and getting a judge’s permission to distribute assets under the will. In some circumstances, the probate process can be lengthy and expensive. Probate will take months, if not years, to complete. A successful will-based estate plan requires careful planning with an experienced attorney to minimize the risks associated with probate.

What is a Trust?

A trust is a legal agreement that holds property in the name of a trustee on behalf of the beneficiaries. The trust can contain myriad of terms and conditions that control how the trust property is maintained and distributed. There are many types of trusts. The most common is a Revocable Living Trust (“RLT”), which is created during your lifetime. With an RLT, you retain control of trust property and you reserve the right to change or revoke the trust while you are alive and competent. Assets that are transferred into the trust, are not probated. Instead, the assets are controlled by the trustee or successor trustee according to the terms and conditions of the trust. Trusts also make it possible for you to plan for mental disability. It is possible, with careful planning with a skilled estate planning attorney, to determine in advance who will take control of your assets for you and any dependents if you become disable. You may even control how your mental disability is determined. That level of control is not possible will a Will-based estate plan. Unlike a Will, an RLT is a private document and usually only the trust beneficiaries may read it. A well-drafted trust that is fully funded with your assets will normally avoid probate. Because of the ability to control the trust assets and avoid the costs, delay, and publicity of Probate, trusts are an exceptional estate planning tool.

What are the pitfalls of Joint Tenancy?

Sometimes people try to do estate planning by transferring their assets such as a house, bank account or brokerage account to a relative or friend by placing that person on the title to their home or bank account as a “joint tenant.” This can lead to serious unintended consequences such as immediate gift tax consequences. Furture unitended consequences may be lurking as well such as the asset being subject to the joint tenant’s creditors and adverse capital gains tax. A joint tenant could actually force a sale of your asset or totally deplete the asset for their own benefit.

Can I avoid unnecessary taxation of my estate?

Yes, with proper advance planning! However, without a good estate plan, your estate could be subject to heavy income tax and/or estate (death) taxes when you die. For instance, post-death distribution of retirement accounts such as 401(k)’s and IRA’s must follow complicated rules to take advantage of the best tax-deferral options. Additionally, if your assets are large enough, your loved ones could have to pay up to 55% of their inheritance subject to estate tax to the IRS at your death if you do not start planning now. Using an attorney with expertise in this area can be critical.

Do I need a trust?

There is no right or wrong answer necessarily. Whether a trust is appropriate in your circumstances depends upon a number of factors. Many people believe that whether you need a trust depends upon the size of your estate. In our experience, the size of your estate is a factor to consider, but is not the only factor. Your goals and objectives are often times much more determinitive than the size of your estate. Trust are more expensive initially than a Will. Trusts, however, are usually less expensive to administer after your demise. A trust offers extensive planning options that are simply not available with a Will. If your goals include any of those planning option: disability planning, remarriage protections, creditor protections, etc., then a Will will be insufficient and a trust will be necessary.

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Tre G.
Bankruptcy Client

I want to thank you for assisting me through this difficult times of going through bankruptcy. I was at the hearing today. Mr. Weekes was there for me. I was scared, but he re-assured me. It went on smoothly. There was a time I became emotional, and started to sob quietly, and looked sad. I want to thank you again kindly.

Stephanie M.
Bankruptcy Client

[Russell Weekes] helped me through my bankruptcy I was so nervous about my situation they were so great in answering all my questions. I recommend them to anyone they are fast and a professional team who care about there clients and what they are going through.


Russell and his team made my situation nothing short of amazing for the situation I was in.  All of my questions were always answered and I never was made to feel as if I was dumb to have gotten in the financial situation that I did. I have already referred a friend and would refer any family and friends to him and his team.

Dan D.

I had a great experience. The people were friendly and helpful. They went above and beyond to help me.

Tommy B.

Great service. I appreciate their kindness and making me feel at ease.


I highly recommend [Russell Weekes]. Filing Bankruptcy isn’t fun for anyone, and these guys were there for me every step of the way. I always got quick responses, they answered every question and put me at ease. I am extremely happy I chose them!

Tim F.
Bankruptcy Client

Everybody should go to [Weekes Law] should they have any bankruptcy matters at hand. They’re 100% legit, intelligent and friendly. They will do whatever it takes to see that your case is successfully discharged! They stay on top of it 100% of the way even if you get too caught up with life’s hurdles, they’re behind the scenes still steady at work for YOU!! (Their 1st priority). I fully recommend and support {Ascent] Law!!!

Aaron F.
Bankruptcy Client

I’m filing for bankruptcy right now and they have been great so far answering my questions and everything.


[Weekes] Law helped me out during a tough time. They took care of everything and were super friendly.

Aaron M.
Bankruptcy Client

If you’ve gotta go through the mess of financial bankruptcy, these guys are the best. My attorney as well as all of the paralegals and staff made going through hell much easier than I could have ever asked. Any questions I had they responded to immediately. They were always timely and gave me great legal advise. They aren’t the cheapest option, but the payment plans provided were unbeatable.

Justin T.

Great service. They answered all of my questions and made me free comfortable. The staff and attorneys are knowledgeable.

A Satisfied Client

My experience was unlike all of the stories one hears of attorneys. [Russell] and his team were absolutely spot on with their communication, follow-up, understanding and ultimately the results. They were aware of my budget and worked hard to keep me there.

I am truly appreciative of there complete caring and handling of my situation.

Adam J.

Weekes Law was professional, helpful, and easy to work with. They kept us informed on what was going on and helped us to make sure we understood what was being done and what was expected of us. We were glad we chose them!


I highly recommend [Russell Weekes]. Filing Bankruptcy isn’t fun for anyone, and these guys were there for me every step of the way. I always got quick responses, they answered every question and put me at ease. I am extremely happy I chose them!

The Perrys

Wonderful Attorney in [Russell Weekes]. Just what we were looking for in a Family Trust. Very knowledgeable, trustworthy, dependable, smart and kind. Recommend him or this law firm to everyone.

Kermit R.

I like these guys, they worked as a team to get my lawsuit resolved. As far as my divorce and child custody case, they know their stuff. I really wanted to settle quickly. It wasn’t as fast as I wanted, but it got done and I am so much happier for it.

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