Guarantor & Payment Authorization

  • By completing and signing this form, You assuming personal responsibility to pay the debt of another person. Please carefully review the terms of this agreement and complete the personal and payment information sections.
  • In consideration of the granting and the extension of credit by Weekes Law, LLC (“Firm”) to:
  • In consideration of the granting and the extension of credit by Weekes Law, LLC (“Firm”) to:
  • In consideration of the granting and the extension of credit by Weekes Law, LLC (“Firm”) to the Client set forth above, the undersigned (“Guarantor”) does jointly, severally and unconditionally guarantee to pay and be liable for all obligations due Firm by Client, including collection costs and/or attorney’s fees.

    You are further obligation, to make any and all payments due to the Firm until such time that any direct payments to the Court for the court filing fee is paid in full. This shall be an open and continuing guarantee and shall continue in force notwithstanding any change to the scope of representation of the Client, any change in the form of such indebtedness or renewals or extensions granted by Firm, any change in ownership interest or relationship of guarantor to Guarantor, and any change shall not relieve guarantor of obligations until expressly revoked by written notice delivered by guarantor to Vendor. Your obligations under this Personal Guaranty remain in effect and are not diminished or impaired notwithstanding the change, restructure or termination of the corporate structure or existence of Client and shall ensure to the benefit of Firm’s successors and assigns. Guarantor authorizes Firm and its agents to investigate his/her personal credit history. Firm need not exhaust its rights or recourse against Client or any other person or any security or collateral which Firm may have at any time before being entitled to payment from Guarantors. I/we do hereby waive notice of the acceptance of this agreement, notice of default or nonpayment and waive any action required by any status against the Client. No delay on Firm’s part in exercising any right hereunder or taking any action to collect or enforce payment of any obligations either against the Client or any other person primarily or secondarily liable with the Client, shall operate as a waiver of any such right or in any manner prejudice Firm’s rights against me/us. Trial by jury is waived.
  • I hereby authorize Weekes Law, LLC to charge my bank account and/or debit card the Minimum Monthly Amount as required by this Agreement and/or the Client's Agreement with Weekes Law to automatically bill my account beginning on the Commencement Date and then periodically according to the Payment Frequency listed herein, until the balance is paid in full.
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